China's Coronavirus Symptoms: Ayurvedic Herbs to Strengthen the Lungs and Treat Pneumonia-Like Respiratory Diseases
Ayurvedic Herbs (Photo credits: Pexels)

Over 30,000 passengers have been screened at the Indian airports for the novel coronavirus infection that has triggered a global scare. In India, at least eleven people in four cities have been kept under observation so far after they returned from China. Bihar reported its first case of rapidly spreading coronavirus as it isolated a 29-year-old research scholar. Since the virus has already made its entry to our country, we must do everything in our power to strengthen our lungs and bolster our immune systems. These Ayurvedic herbs can be excellent to deal prevent as well as bring some relief to respiratory problems.


Peppercorns have been a regular feature in Ayurveda to treat respiratory diseases. Pippali, which is not as drying as black pepper supports lung function, and is excellent for releasing mucous. If you are suffering from blocked nose or sore throat, simply boil around ten peppercorns in milk and drink. How To Know If You Are Infected By the Killer Coronavirus? Here's How the Disease Progresses From Pneumonia to Kidney Failure


Triphala, an Ayurvedic combination of amalaki, haritaki, and bibhitaki, has been an age-old decoction to soothe the throat. The high levels of vitamin C in triphala helps get rid of mucous from the body. Mix half a teaspoon of triphala powder and leave it covered overnight. Drink the water the next morning. China's Coronavirus Symptoms: How Susceptible Are Indians To Mysterious New Pneumonia Infection? Here Are Causes and Signs of The Deadly Outbreak


Liquorice is one of those magical Ayurvedic supplements that can bring immense relief to an irritated throat. Liquorice root guards respiratory mucous membranes with a coating of carbohydrate slime. Brew one liquorice root in water and drink three times a day. Oral doses of liquorice lubricate the lining of the lungs by reflex action. Antioxidant Could Be The Answer For Treating Lung Diseases Like Cystic Fibrosis


Used widely in Ayurveda, Kalmegh leaf and root is known to boost the upper respiratory health during seasonal stress.  The herb also aids digestion, bile function, and reducing nausea.

Figs are also believed to drain the phlegm so make sure you soak them overnight and have them regularly. You can also add tulsi or basil leaves in warm water and drink it during the day to strengthen your immune system.

This article is written for an informative purpose and should not be substituted for medical advice. Kindly consult your doctor before trying any tips.