The world's largest sperm bank, Danish company Cryos will now include photos of sperm donors. People planning to become parents in the United Kingdom can now go through photos of sperm donors to ensure their babies are beautiful looking. The photos will be included as a photo gallery on Cryos' website.

The company has been supplying thousands of sperm samples to the UK for many years. Among childless British couples, Cryos has been popular for providing sperm of tall, well-educated and healthy men. The company says most couples specify these demand. And recently the demand rose when with the company publishing photos of some of its donors on its website. Last year they became the first of its kind to provide photos to their clients online. Sperm Count in Sons of Fathers Who Smoke is 50% Lesser! 7 Other Things That Affect Male Fertility.

AP quoted Cryos CEO Peter Reeslev as saying, "There has been a lot of interest in the donor adult photos from the UK. It is by far the European country with the greatest number of people who have paid to access the images on our website. We had expected a gradual take-up of our new initiative because of the paywall, but we are very pleased with the interest it’s had. Those wishing see the pictures of the donors have to pay 250 Euros (over Rs 20,000) due to GDPR data regulations. Infertility in Men: Sperm Quality Getting Worse, Could Cause Extinction of Humankind, Says Study.

According to the report, clients ask for baby photos of the donors, audio recordings, handwritten greetings, family trees, emotional intelligence tests and staff impressions. Cryos supplies frozen donor sperm throughout the EU to more than 100 countries worldwide. They claim to have helped conceive more than 65,000 donor children. In the last five years mostly single women and same-sex couples have signed up as customers.

Peter says, "Interest in our extended profiles with additional personal donor information is growing, especially among singles and same-sex couples. The adult photo helps them replicate the natural selection mechanism. That means it is easier for them to tell whether there is a match between them and the donor, and whether he really is a man they would like in the real world. With heterosexual couples, it’s the opposite. They generally want to know less about the donor out of respect for the social father."

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