Detroit Meteorologist, Jessica Starr Comits Suicide After describing her Ordeal With LASIK Surgery in a Video: How Safe Is LASIK for Your Eyes?
Jessica Starr commits suicide. (Photo Credit: Instagram/jessicastarrfox2)

The recent suicide of Meteorologist, Jessica Starr has left the whole news fraternity in Detroit shocked. The 35-year-old was associated with Fox 2 news channel as one of the prominent weather anchors in the United States. Starr ended her life on Wednesday by hanging from the neck till death. Survived by daughter Riley, and son Noah, Jessica Starr's death has initiated a debate against LASIK surgery. It is claimed that was suffering from medical issues over the past two months which had taken a toll on her mental health. She had even confessed "I am struggling a little bit...I need more time to recover. Please keep me in your thoughts during this challenging time. Will keep you updated," in a video on November 14. Jessica Starr, Fox 2 Detroit Meteorologist, Commits Suicide by Hanging Herself.

"Our hearts are broken. Last night we were informed our Jessica Starr took her life," her colleague and anchor Amy Andrew wrote on Twitter.

Her death has raised questions on the safety of the Lasik surgery procedure. Jessica Starr went off the screen in October for a Lasik eye surgery, after which she posted the video of her describing her ordeal. Take a look at the video.

Is Lasik Surgery Safe?

Lasik surgery by itself is safe, BUT the real question is: Is Lasik surgery safe for my eyes? While Lasik surgery is safe, its outcome may differ from person to person. It is crucial for a patient to have a thorough evaluation of their eyes and vision as part of a LASIK consultation with an eye care professional that can help the experts decide if LASIK is right for you or not. The process of evaluating if Lasik surgery is right for your eyes is almost like a rule that if ignored can cause grave consequences, as per the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

On her demise, Fox 2 issued a statement recalling her professional vigour and dedication. "All of us here are in shock and cannot believe such a wonderful, bright and intelligent individual will no longer be with us,"