Creating a home that bursts with positive energy is a must to bring harmony to your relationship. Feng shui can help arrange your environment to support you in living a happy, and loving life. So dedicate your bedroom to your love, intimacy, rest and blissful sleep with these feng shui guidelines that will help you feel connected to your partner and happy to be sharing a home with them. These tips will also allow you to harness some good energy, breathe in, and zen out.

1. Display a Happy Picture across the Bed

Imagine getting up to the happy picture of your joyful vacation every morning. Won't that sight make your day?  The picture can bring a smile to your face even if you are having a gloomy day or a tiff with your partner. It will surely do the trick of helping you ignore the blues and move on with life! Here are 5 ways to fall back in love with your partner. 

2. Use White or Red Bed Linens

Some feng shui practitioners believe that the bedroom should have more yin than yang energy to induce rest. Yin energy is considered nurturing, passive and loving while yang energy is energetic, aggressive and excited. You can pick a specific bed linen colour to activate your chi energy. Alternate your choice of bed linens among bright red, white, or bright green to bring more passion into the bedroom. Red sheets will make your love life sizzle but don't use them too often or your romance could 'burn out.'

3. Place Your Bed in the Centre

The placement of your bed can also dictate how much love you attract in your life. Never place your bed in the corner as you and your partner can get the feeling of being trapped. Both sides of the bed should be easily accessible to you and your partner. No one should get the less desirable position. This way, getting out of bed will be less disruptive and conflicts regarding sleep can be completely avoided. Agreed?

4. Let Your Paintings And Artwork Exemplify Love

The paintings and artworks you hang can have profound impacts on your emotions. So never hang something in your love nest that depicts violence, sorrow, and other negative emotions. They can potentially invoke strong emotions that will distract you from your sleep and bedroom romance. Instead, use artwork that symbolises love, because that can influence your behaviour.  You will automatically feel more connected with the sight of the picture.

5. Minimise the Clutter

De-cluttering can magically light up your romance. Clutter can act as a major stress factor that can make you lose your cool over trivial factors. No clutter would mean no confronting each other with statements such as “clean up your stuff. Besides, by organising your belongings, you are making way for more positive energy in your relationship. Did you know teasing your partner playfully can make lasting strong bond?

6. Keep Out the Mirror

The mirror might give your bedroom that oh-so-trendy look but from the perspective of love, it is best to keep any reflection from your ensuite. Mirrors can bring in "past" energy that has the potential of bringing in a third party. According to feng shui, mirrors are particularly charged, which can lead to restless sleep. It is best to place your mirror at other spaces and look at each other instead.

7. Pick the Right Colour and Lighting Scheme

The bedroom should be a relaxing oasis reserved for intimacy and restoration, so warm, monochromatic colours are best as opposed to the bold and bright ones.  When it comes to lighting, you would like to have a variation of them. Soft ambient lighting options set a mood for romance. You may just want to kill the overhead light as it does not do anything to soothe your senses. The secret to great sex could also lie in your bedroom colour. 

Lastly, bringing just a little green into your home will connect you to nature and warm things up. It's also a great idea to put some plants in a corner of a room to keep the energy flowing.

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