Hugh Jackman turns 52 years old on October 12, 2020. The actor hails from Australia and is also a producer and singer. Jackman is well known for playing Wolverine, James Howlett, Logan in the X-Men film series (2000–2018). Age is just a number for this Australian actor as he is extremely fit and possesses a perfect well-sculpted physique even in his 50s. Jackman has been seen on big screen ripped and muscular with wee-defined abs while playing the role of Wolverine. On the occasion of Hugh Jackman's 52nd birthday, we will share five fitness tips by Marvel superhero that can help you stay shredded. Hugh Jackman on Bidding Adieu to X-Men's Iconic Character Wolverine in Logan: There Was a Weight of Expectation That I'd Been Carrying.

Hugh Jackman keeps changing his training programme at regular intervals. However, the actor ensures that he include circuit training in his routine twice in a week where he reaches out to the max rep for a particular exercise after three sets of 8, 6 and 4 reps respectively with a gap of 120 secs between each set. Apart from this, Jackman includes compound training like deadlifts, squats and bench press. For mass gain, the actor does tricep dips, close grip bench press and intense form of push-ups. Ryan Reynolds Takes a Jibe at Hugh Jackman Again, Asks If Logan Actor Sleeps With a Wig On.

Hugh Jackman Fitness Tips 

1. Hugh Jackman believes that for a shredded body it is necessary to limit your carbohydrate intake. For fuelling up the body, whole grains can be taken in the morning for breakfast.

2. The Wolverine actor also feels that protein supplement plays an important rule to fulfil daily protein requirement. Jackman suggests having casein protein at night before sleeping, as its slower release feeds muscles all night long.

Hugh Jackman's Jacked Physique


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3. Rest plays an important role in muscle recovery, therefore Hugh Jackman takes a good amount of sleep and also after an intense legs workout on Friday he gives his body a rest during the weekend.

4. For muscle size gain, the Marvel superhero suggest pyramid training where you have to start with lighter weight with maximum reps then gradually increase the weight with fewer reps.

Hugh Jackman's Well Sculpted!


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5. Hugh Jackman includes an intense form of bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, press-ups and conditioning exercises like weighted sleds and heavy ropes that help develop agility and flexibility.

Hugh Jackman's fitness in his 50s is indeed an inspiration for his fans and youth should draw motivation from this actor to stay fit and active. We at LatestLY, wish Hugh Jackman a very Happy Birthday.

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