Kids Exercise at Home: Workouts That Will Keep Your Child Active Inside the House (Watch Videos)
Kids Exercise at Home (Photo Credits: Instagram)

It is indeed important to keep your kids active by engaging them in physical activities. Right food and exercise should be a part of daily life since early childhood. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, children who spent their time playing in the park or ground, now have to stay home, but it's for everyone's safety. Certain bodyweight exercises can help children stay healthy and active at home.  Here is a low-down on some of the best workout videos for children. How to Make Your Child Have a Healthy Relationship With Food.

Kids Workout at Home 

HIIT Circuit For Kids

Family Fun Cardio Workout

Stretching Exercise For Kids

Kids should perform more jumping exercise to keep their BMI on point. Apart from that,  stretching exercises will also help children improve their mobility in the long run.

Along with your kids, even you can join the workouts to burn off those calories. Children often mimic the elders, so when you practise with them, you motivate the little ones in the house to lead a healthy lifestyle. Also, ensure that you do not give unhealthy snacks like chips, cookies, doughnuts to your kids. Encourage them to eat more fruits and green leafy vegetables.