Melinda is a passionate and purpose-driven certified NLP Mindset Coach and founder at Liminal Mindset Coaching. While working with both men and women in her practice, Melinda is exceptionally skilled at empowering women to harness their full potential, enabling them to find their personal power, passion, and purpose. 

For more than 25 years, Melinda has been fascinated by the human mind. She has two university degrees - Psychology and Marketing plus she’s a certified Trainer and Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coaching – and has senior leadership experience in both the university and not-for-profit sector.

This unique lived and learned experience, coupled with Melinda’s direct and engaging coaching style, is a rare combination and not one offered by many mindset coaches. Working with her will give people a distinctive edge in both their professional and personal life. 

Melinda's experience and learnings have paved the way for her to facilitate profound transformational change with her clients. Her specialized teaching includes unlocking the power of their subconscious, rewiring their conscious mind for passion and purpose, and mastering personal power in all areas of life.

Melinda is qualified in the Liminal Signature System, ensuring her clients experience a deep transition to fully embrace their true purpose and live a life fulfilled. Given her experience working alongside world-renowned professors, great scientists, philanthropists, and sector leaders, Melinda’s knowledge and expertise are near unmatched.

Melinda is driven by helping women reduce overwhelm and burnout to ensure that they can achieve the results that they are seeking in business and life; in turn, advancing their own personal journey of inner confidence to go after their dreams with passion: a heart-centered coach who puts her client’s goals above all else.