What Type Of Period Do You Have? From Chunky to Leaky Blood, 9 Types Of Periods You Will Recognise!
Menstruation (Photo credit: Unsplash)

On the rag. Painting the town red. Shark week. We use all kinds of phrases to refer to that time of the month. Periods are just nasty. Becoming acquainted with your menstrual cycle for the first time may cause some confusion, but with time you know what to expect. You know the pain and you know the discomfort that comes along with it. You have endured an on and off relationship with your periods since you were a teen, so you must be au fait with these different types of periods.

1. The Leaky Period

This period really feels like running your favourite pair of underwear. Sure you may have kept the tampon or the sanitary napkin for longer than needed, but this period is particularly squishy, wet and uncomfortable. You have a tough time cleaning those underwear.

2. The Spotty Period

Sometimes it is there and sometimes it is not, the spotty period is known for its inability to make a decision. Sure it is not a full-fledged flow, but it gets difficult to predict if you are even in your periods. 'Should I stay or should I go" should be the theme song for this type of periods.

3. The Chunky Period

The chunky period really wants you to know that it is there. With the heavy flow and the blood, this period almost looks like a murder scene. It brings all the bloody debris out of your vagina but somehow the blood is oddly satisfying. Periods Cause Girls to Miss School More Than Cold and Flu Does, Says UK Study

4. The Phantom Period

Phantom period is the one that never shows up but you have all the bloating and the cramps and have a complete emotional breakdown. You crave all the chocolate but there are no signs of blood down there. It's the type of period that you wait to get over with.

5. The Late Period

This kind of period can send you into full panic mode making you wonder if you are actually pregnant. You get those home pregnancy kits and continue doing the tests (even if they are are negative) until you get your periods. Period Pain, Migraine or Bloating, How to Beat 8 Menstrual Problems For Good!

6. The Surprise Period

The surprise period takes pride in ruining your day by showing up uninvited. You go for a Sunday brunch and there you have it. You end up with little choice but deal with it. Period Problems: Scary Things That Happen When You Don't Change the Sanitary Napkin or the Tampon For Too Long During Menstruation

7. The Never-Ending Period

Periods can last for as long as fourteen days. You look down nine days later thinking that it is gone, but it is still there. Period Weight Gain: 4 Reasons Why You Look Fatter During Your Periods

8. The Short Period

The short period is the kindest of the bunch. It comes on time and does not stay for long. It lasts for just two days and it is not too wet or tiresome. This is the kind of periods that is always welcome.

9. The Painful Period

This period absolutely has no respect for your pain tolerance, usually leaving you in such agony that you cannot believe you have to deal with the pain every single month. Popping a few ibuprofen can give you respite for a few hours, but the pain hits you right back.

Don't be alarmed by different colours of blood showing up on your sanitary napkin. Your period blood colour becomes darker when you leave the pad for too long. However, ensure that you change the napkin often to maintain good menstrual hygiene.