Total panic sets in the moment you realise that you left your sanitary napkin on for too long. If you have ignored your vagina because of all the work pressure at office, all of a sudden it may feel like you are carrying a foul-smelling dead mouse with yourself. Relax, and change the napkin first. Then read on these side effects so that you give your vagina all the attention it deserves during your next menstrual cycle. Here are a few things you could experience when you are too lazy to change the sanitary pad.

A Dry Spell

Vaginal dryness could be the last thing on your mind when you recall that you left the pad or the tampon for too long. But it is one of the major side effects of using a sanitary napkin for an extended period of time. When you use the napkin for too long, the surrounding tissue can become extremely dry leading to discomfort. If you are experiencing a dry spell, give your vagina a break for some time by not wearing a pad. You can also use a lube to rewet the area and reduce the discomfort. How to Stop Period Cramps? 5 Mistakes That Are Making Them Worse During Your Menstruation

 A Funky Odour

You may soon get a fishy smell from down there when you leave the sanitary napkin for more hours than you should. The blood itself doesn't small but it starts producing an odour when it interacts with your body's bacteria. The longer you wear the pad, the more will be the bacteria and stinkier will be the situation. Period Pain, Migraine or Bloating, How to Beat 8 Menstrual Problems For Good!

A Serious Infection

You must have heard about the toxic shock syndrome (TSS), a potentially fatal condition that is caused by the buildup of bacteria after leaving the pad or the tampon for too long. While there are only a few cases reported, teenagers and women under 30 are at the highest risk. If you exhibit symptoms like high fever, low blood pressure and rashes, talk to your doctor immediately. Period Weight Gain: 4 Reasons Why You Look Fatter During Your Periods

A Brown Discharge

If you have been wearing your pad for way too long on a heavy day, you can do nothing to prevent those leaks. But apart from having an occasional gush of blood, you may also notice a brown, watery discharge. The older the blood is, the darker will be the colour, so if you wore the sanitary napkin for more than 12 hours, don't be surprised to see brown bloodstains.

If you left in the pad for more than eight hours you  have nothing to worry, but if you left it for a day you might have to rush to the gynaecologist immediately. They will do a culture and check if there is any bacteria floating around. When you have a regular flow, change your pad every eight hours and when the flow is heavy, change it more frequently.

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