Home Remedy of The Week: DIY Wheat Flour and Milk Bath Pack For Soft and Glowing Skin Naturally
Wheat flour, milk bath pack for glowing skin (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Winter is here and so are common winter skincare problems like dry, flaky skin. Many people also complain about their skin cracking up and takes the winter skincare problems from being just less appealing to uncomfortable and painful, real quick! Not just that, your everyday routine and pollution outside may interfere with the pH levels of your skin. But what are your options? You might want to ditch the expensive creams, serums and facewashes to opt for some natural home remedies that our ancestors have been using since forever. Camel Milk Beauty Benefits: Works Wonders for Acne-Prone Skin, Strengthens Hair & Nails. 

Homemade bath packs have been known to work wonders when it comes to skincare. these body packs, you can apply on your skin right before you go to bath and achieve great skin after using them for a few weeks. The best and easiest one has to be the DIY wheat flour and milk bath pack. This includes the perfect nutritional blend of wheat and milk for your

How To Prepare DIY Wheat Flour and Milk Bath Pack at Home

Take equal amounts of milk and flour depending on the area of the body you want to apply the pack on. Now mix the two to make a paste of runny consistency. Now add one teaspoon of honey to the mix that will the moisture in your skin intact.

How to Use

Make sure to not store the mix and prepare a fresh batch every time. Now apply the mix on wet skin and massage it all over your body. You can keep doing in until the mix becomes drier. Rinse well and take a bath after that. Do not use soap after that, if required use it to clean your skin before you apply the pack.

Benefits of the wheat flour and milk combination are mind-blowing. Both the kitchen ingredients are natural and are of immense nutritional value. Wheat contains selenium that nourishes the skin from deep within and also gives it a glow. Whereas milk is a natural cleanser that makes your skin soft and supple as well. Honey will hydrate your skin and provide it with essential nutrients.