YouTube content creation has come a long way. People spend on an average more than an hour on YouTube watching comedies, songs and interviews. Hence, YouTube is creating a new star every day. We talked to Satish Ray, a growing YouTuber star, who has been successfully portraying various characters with satire, sarcasm and take on current scenarios. The thing that makes him unique in his own way is his style of humour that he brings to the screen. According to him, the content that he brings to the viewers is rooted Indian humour that is very common among our group of friends. He also gives a touch of satire, but not always, in order to make the viewers acknowledge the message that lies in the content.

Satish says he wants to inspire the youth with his timeless content, and be aware of the things happening around. According to him, he gets a kick when he meets his fans, and they tell him how they relate to his videos with their ongoing life situation.

“I am not here to just increase the number of followers; I am here to create things that have never been created. I have grown up watching TVF videos, Flop Show and Key & Peele. I don’t underestimate my audiences and they also expect something new from me every day. I do layered comedy, you need to decode it. I love giving detailing to my videos” answers Satish when we asked him about his inspiration of content creation.

He mentions to us the statistics of his audiences which comprises of about 40% of people over the age of 24. He considers this to be a positive aspect, as his audience mostly comprises of mature individuals along with the fun loving teenagers.

When we ask him about his plans for next 5 years he says “I am here to create content that can outlive me.”

With half a million subscribers he now aims to take more dig on social and political issues on his channel.