His passion for business, combined with his hunger to inspire innovation, helped him set up a successful venture amidst a pandemic.

It is wondrous to know and learn about all those professionals and entrepreneurs who, in ways, more than one, display their impeccable talents and skills in business and take their ventures to the next level of success. These entrepreneurs exude their pure passion and sheer talent to create milestones in all that they choose to lay their hands on. This very strong mental attitude and the hunger to inspire innovation and greatness has what allowed a few individuals to become the prominent business personalities they are today. The business space is one, which has welcomed many such talented beings; among them, one name that has been making a lot of buzz these days is a man of influence and personality named Ishara Weeraratna.

Who is Ishara Weeraratna, you ask? Let us tell you this passionate man today has spread his magic in the world of business with his multiple business ventures across Sri Lanka, Italy and Singapore. Developing and operating businesses in different countries was no walk in the park for Ishara, but his strong self-belief and his quest to make it huge in his businesses helped him thrive and helped him imprint his name among the most rising businessmen of the world.

Talking about his businesses, Ishara Weeraratna says that in Sri Lanka, he serves as the CEO of "Luxe Colombo", which deals with luxury food products imported from different parts of the world; they are the current market leader in this segment with the largest cheese collection in the country. There is an interesting story attached to the inception of his business, points out Ishara, who says that Luxe Colombo was started as a response to the pandemic. They began as an E-commerce brand to finish off the stocks they had in their family business. Today, thanks to the digital wave and the increased adoption of the digital platforms, the same small business is now turned into the fastest growing E-commerce business in Sri Lanka with its own vehicle fleet with temperature control trucks, which has even helped in offering job opportunities to many people during the trying times.

In Italy, Ishara Weeraratna is the director and CEO of Il Mondo Del Gusto SRL, consolidating and exporting European food into the world. They currently export food to Sri Lanka, Maldives and Singapore and are also planning to expand all over Asia. The business Il Mondo Del Gusto has its head office and warehouses based in Milano, Italy. Ishara also wears the hat of the Chairman of Billion Corp that is registered as a startup funding arm that currently invests in different startups in Sri Lanka and Singapore.

Ishara Weeraratna, apart from all that mentioned above, is the CEO of Aleph Technologies that is based in Sri Lanka with a pool of software developers that cater to European and North American clients with their software and digital marketing needs.

As if achieving massive momentum and success as an entrepreneur wasn't enough for Ishara, he went ahead and fulfilled his desire to also become an author. He wrote "Racing Against the Pandemic", available on http://racingagainstpandemic.com or amazon with his book, Ishara shares his experience building Luxe Colombo during the lockdown in Sri Lanka and becoming the market leader in a short period. Besides that, he also shares business tips and insight on his journey with this book.

Ishara Weeraratna is also a traveller, travelling between continents for business and leisure at least 10-15 times a year. Going to different countries, exploring new places and making the most of the opportunities present with them has also thrust this ace businessman much ahead in the business game. His ability to embrace and infuse the different cultures of countries into his business ventures has also helped his businesses stand apart from the rest.

Currently, he is writing his second book, which he is planning to release in the first quarter of 2022. Talking about the same, he says, "I am excited about the new book and also hope that readers would receive it with as much love and welcome as they did for my first book. If I could alter the mindset of even a single reader, I would take it as an achievement."