Affordable and efficient e-commerce shipping is crucial for online brands looking to compete for customer mind and wallet share. Big global retail brands such as Amazon and Asos have continually chartered pathways by building distribution synergies to efficiently network order placement, shipping and last mile fulfilment on the front end, while creating seemingly endless supplier and sourcing chains, plus warehousing, on the back end. Logistics plays a crucial role in connecting the dots for e-commerce players, across each step of the value chain. 

Izin Akioya is a marketing expert, entrepreneur, and co-founder at SAG Logistics, an Africa-focused digital logistics company that is developing a bouquet of logistics solutions to service the continent's growing e-commerce opportunity. 

Raised in Lagos, Nigeria, one of Africa’s fastest growing e-commerce and technology hotspots, Izin’s integration into AIESEC International, a global youth leadership development non-profit, which culminated in a talent management role on her local committee’s executive board, while pursuing a full-time economics degree at the University of Lagos, catalysed her career readiness.

Izin’s early introduction to retail sales in her teenage years, inspired her post-graduation trajectory in a 10 year+ marketing and sales/distribution combination career, working to bring a range of products and services to customers and consumers alike.

Her interest in manufacturing, and distribution, cultivated while managing sales and advocating for a range of brands, owned by the retail-focused British American Tobacco Nigeria, combined with her experience building multinational, regional and local brands as an advertising professional spurred her into launching a garment manufacturing company in 2016. The challenges encountered in the course of digitizing garment retail, and fulfilling customer orders within the Africa region and globally, informed her keen interest in bridging the logistics gaps she encountered on the continent, and led to her co-founding SAG Logistics. 

SAG Logistics is one of few exports focused African logistics companies on a mission to charter access to global markets for small and medium African businesses, by providing access to affordable, efficient, shipping automation, order fulfilment support, and warehousing. SAG Logistics provides multicarrier API integration, price comparison and last mile order fulfilment support to small and medium businesses and social sellers. 

There couldn’t be a better time for an Africa region focused logistics company like SAG Logistics. Africa’s e-commerce remains on a high innovation, high-growth trajectory, due to the convergence of key indicators: the continent’s demographics, internet and mobile penetration projection, digital transformation and ecosystem maturity. In addition, the potential to harness the benefits of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) are huge. The agreement, driven by a 54-member economic bloc looking to cut tariffs on 90% of goods and liberalise trade across Africa, will catalyse trans-border exports. From a global supply chain perspective, the removal and consolidation of tariffs has immense benefits for the region's manufacturing players as it is expected to improve the continent’s viability as a sourcing destination for both raw material, value-added products and direct to consumer goods.

Recently inducted into the Africa House Unicorn Incubation Programme Plano, Texas, SAG Logistics is on track to launch its bouquet of market solutions, aimed at galvanizing the African continent's trade with high value markets. Izin’s role as chief marketing officer is targeted at leading market insights to drive effective product development, building key industry and third-party partnerships for customer acquisition and market development, while leading regulatory and government engagement.

Izin hopes that SAG Logistics will become a household name across the continent's small and medium business and social seller segment, helping to build wealth through digitization and automation. The business is targeting growth in existing high value markets with the hope of becoming the go to partner for seamless global trade.