With the government of India banning 59 popular Chinese apps in India recently, with TikTok being one of them, the need to fill in the gap swiftly and indigenously emerged. Noted digital marketing agency and web development company, Media Officers has launched social media app Raask today.

This application will enable the users to create and share videos though the video sharing platform. It comes with a host of interesting and exciting features such as video dubbing, use of various filters and many other unique add ons.

Enhancing the user engagement, it allows them to like, share, comment and message too. It provides ample opportunity for the users to unleash their art, skills and creativity all within the concept of having unlimited fun and Entertainment.

This unique Indian product captures the spirit and uniqueness of India in its entirety. The logo is that of the Indian National Bird – the Peacock, its’ colours symbolic of the vibrant usage experience. The name Raask is derived from Sanskrit which means a form of entertainment. The concept to execution is entirely Made in India.

Adhering to their commitment of being socially responsible corporate citizens and supporting India and its’ citizens through all their business activities, Media Officers has pledged to donate 10% of its revenue from Raask. This amount will go towards the well -being of artists and will help uplift their quality and standard of living.

Rudhrah Gourav and Rudhrah Keshav , Directors of Media officers are extremely optimistic that they will receive a lot of support from users who will support this Made in India initiative with a huge number of downloads. They are also confident that this will deliver a fulfilling and engaging user Experience.Special Thanks To Advocate Dinesh Chadha Ropar.

Play Store Link  :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.musicApp.raask