Sam Bertini, the New York-based CEO of media company Tabr and President of marketing consultancy firm The Arora Company, has become the latest social media influencer to join the effort to increase vaccinations in the United States. Vaccine rates have been stalling for quite some time, with the US falling short of President Biden’s goal of having seventy percent of adults vaccinated against COVID-19 by the fourth of July. 

“I think getting vaccinated is one of the most important things that people can do right now,” Bertini, who received his shots of the Moderna vaccine in May, said. “The situation with COVID-19 has gotten a lot better, but there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. There are a lot of people who doubt the safety and efficacy of the vaccines, and these people’s reservations need to be calmly and effectively addressed. There are also people who want to get vaccinated but still haven’t done so — these are also people that need to be targeted. People need to know that here in the US, there are free, safe vaccines that protect not only individuals but other members of the community, including those who are as yet unable to be vaccinated.”

In order to get the word out about vaccines, Bertini has launched a social media campaign initially targeted toward the thousands of people following his personal Instagram, as well as many thousands in addition to that who are following his company’s pages on Instagram and Facebook. Bertini is particularly focused on getting out the word in New York City, where he lives, and has launched further ad campaigns with the help of his colleagues at The Arora Company, which specializes in media communications. Sister company Tabr has also been coordinating the effort for residents in New Jersey, where that company has an office. 

This is not Bertini’s first professional involvement in COVID-related philanthropy. The Arora Company donated a quarter of their Q2 profits to relief efforts in India while the nation was rocked by surging cases and deaths. Furthermore, the firm ran several successful ad campaigns directing donations to such organizations as IIMUN, where the Arora Company is an affiliated cause ambassador. Bertini had also been previously involved in efforts related to COVID-caused unemployment in New Jersey. 

Bertini has hinted that further steps may be taken to expand the initiative in the future, depending on how the vaccination drive progresses in the wake of the new, highly-contagious delta-variant. One potential avenue of interest is a collaboration with his business partner Aryaan Arora, who is well-known for his music and his roles in TV shows such as CBS’s Bull.