One-Night Stand Virgin? 5 Secrets About the Sex Adventure That NOBODY Will Tell You!
One-Night Stand Secrets (Photo Credits: The Noun Project and File Image)

One-night stands can be fun, hot and super adventurous but also kinda not sometimes? Everyone has their own experiences to refer to, but for people who haven't had a one-night stand, you must know that there is nothing wrong about it. If you really want to have a one-night stand with full consent from the other person, it could be one of the most life-changing experiences, for all you know! If you don't know anything about one-night stands and even XXX porn videos aren't enough, here's the deal. A one-night stand relationship with someone is actually having sex with a person once with no strings attached. Usually, the impulsiveness takes over the sexual act, and most people do it out of curiosity or just to pep up their sex life. From Clitoral to Anal, Here Are the Types of Orgasms You Didn't Know Existed!

But no matter how many one-night stand porn videos you watch, you will not know what exactly happens, if you haven't had a first-hand experience. Here are a few things that no one will tell you about a one-night stand. Saliva as Lube: Why You Should NEVER Use Spit as Lubricant During Sex like Porn Stars Do. 

1. Are You On The Same-Page?

Usually, one-night stands lack communication because it may be a spontaneous decision. You may not know what the other person wants and vice versa. Get ready for a bit of communication trouble.

2. Surprise Surprise

It is a no-brainer, expect surprises from the one-night stand. It may be the best experience of your life or maybe even the worst. You have to up for some "OMGs".

3. It May Not Be As Hot As It Looks In Porn

XXX porn videos and clips may portray one-night stands as incredibly steamy. If you are one-night stand virgin, you must know that it could turn out to be nothing like what is shown in blue films.

4. STDs Are Not Going Anywhere

Just because the idea of having a one-night stand is sizzling hot, it doesn't mean that you may not get an STD. When you do not know a person, there's a huge chance that you might catch an STD or an STI. So, always keep condoms handy!

5. *Knock Knock* Feelings Here

There are chances that you might catch feelings for the person you are having a one-night stand with. If in any case, it happens, make sure it is mutual or none at all.

If you feel confident about dealing with a one-night stand, you must experience it at least once in your life but don't beat yourself to it. Make a decision for yourself or just let it happen on its own, but remember consent is the most important thing here.