Rafih filli seems to be following a never ending lead as a succession model for the company to make it one of the world's Largest Chai company around the globe.

Apart from working on big ideas to reform & modulate within the current territories of the company Mr. Rafih Filli is consistently working on the several expansion plans concurrently too that will shape the future of Filli Cafe around the world in upcoming years. Mr Rafih filli is insistent on making the Filli Cafe as one of the most renowned & obvious tea brand in the world that one whenever thinks of tea, he or she impetuously thinks of the name - Filli.

Recently in past month Mr Rafih Filli has introduced Filli cafe to the UK by opening their first store in Marylebone, London which marks the beginning of The United Kingdom Expansion Plans for the company. Mr Rafih Filli has also planned to open Filli's multiple other outlets in UK in upcoming six months.

Though not the part of UK expansion plan, Mr Rafih Filli has also recently inaugurated Filli Cafe's colossal Headquarters at Burjuman Business Tower in the Central Dubai. The grand opening went as per the schedule on 9th of April (Saturday) which was orchestrated by several eminent personalities around the world.

The vibrant & distinctive Filli cafe at Marylebone  London is one of its kind and has been designed to represent Indian values associated with the tea culture & street food. The first ever appearance in UK, Marylebone Cafe gave Filli a totally divergent direction to its brand name, making it among one of the most commendable part of the international expansion plans.

On one of his social media account the Chai Master, Master Mr Rafih Filli stated : "The company is simultaneously going through multiple expansion plans in atleast 10 countries. With every passing day and establishment of newer Filli cafes and franchise stores around the give me a sense of accomplishment. I have never thought that I would recieve such an affirmative response from the masses that too in such short span of time. "

Mr. Rafih Filli has announced to inaugurate atleast six of his newer Filli stores in Austin, Dallas, Toronto, Marylebone, Leicester & Luton in upcoming months. Out of which three major ones come under the umbrella of company's UK expansion plan.

With it's headquarters in the Burjuman Business Tower in the Central Dubai. By now Filli company has successfully been able to make its full fledged entry in United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Canada, India, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and United States of America with more than seventy five functional outlets and fifteen franchise stores.