Following the recent article on Valentine’s Day, we have been receiving a lot of questions of “The Original Finishing Touch Flawless”. To answer these questions, we decided to speak with the Brand to answer all your questions and here’s what we understood.

Since the past few years there have been a number of products floating around in retail stores and on online portals claiming to be Finishing Flawless. The truth is that Finishing Touch Flawless is an international brand which has officially launched in India only a few months ago by Pittie Consumer Pvt. Ltd. The Brand team attributes the fakes to the price point; the original device being marked at Rs. 2,500 and the counterfeit products starting at Rs. 500/- 

So Why Are the Original Finishing Touch Flawless Selling Devices at Rs. 2,500?

The brand team says, “The original devices are German-engineered, with an 18K gold plated head, making it irritation and allergy-free. The devices are extremely durable, unlike counterfeit products. We often receive complaints from customers, only to realize that they have purchased dupes from other sites and stores. Those purchasing the original devices from the offcial website have the best feedback to give! Finishing Touch Flawless is the new gold standard in hair removal. It’s instant, painless and the perfect at-home + on the go solution. It’s portable, mess-free and everything a woman needs, to be well-groomed at all times.” How To Remove Facial Hair Instantly and Painlessly With Finishing Touch Flawless.

Check Out The Original Finishing Touch Flawless

How Are the Original Devices a Better Bet Than the Dupes That Are Available at a Fraction of the Cost?

“Besides the functionality of the devices, what a customer is paying for, is the durability and quality of the product which is compromised in a counterfeit product. The fake products generally last a month (at the most) and a customer would end up wasting a lot more money to keep replacing the cheaper product as opposed to a one-time investment in the original devices. The fake devices do not come with a gold-plated head, so they cause irritation to the skin. The head also gets rusted, slows down and they heat up which is not the case with an original product. Some of the products do not switch on, while some do not take off any hair. All in all, the dupes are not a patch on the original and we believe that the counterfeit products do more harm than good,” says the Brand Team. 

How Can One Differentiate Between an Original and a Counterfeit?

The packaging of counterfeit products is similar yet not the same as the original products. The original products have the full brand name on the packaging, which is Finishing Touch Flawless and is premium-quality packaging. The Flawless branding is always present on every original device. The head of the original devices are 18K Gold Plated with an impeccable finish. The durability of the original devices is far superior than that of the dupes which last only a few months, if at all. The weight of the original product is neither too heavy nor too light, it’s the perfect weight that can be comfortably held by the user. The overall look and feel of the product are what can distinguish the real from the fake. A real Finishing Touch Flawless product looks like it’s price. It has a luxe look and feel to it. The end results are an important factor in distinguishing a real and a fake. An authentic device will deliver pristine results of hair removal without any cuts, nicks, redness or any kind of irritation, which a fake product may result in. On an original product, there will always be an MRP label with the price, contact and company details. If customers are still uncertain, we are always open to giving them clarity on whether a product they purchased or would like to purchase is an original or a fake. However, we urge customers to shop on Finishing Touch Flawless's official website or from reliable stores,” says Team Finishing Touch Flawless.

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