Secret Airplane Bedrooms Where Pilots and Crew Members Rest on Long-Distance Flights is Revealed, Watch Video
Secret bedrooms inside flights for pilots and cabin crew (Photo credits: YouTube grab)

Long flights can be tiring, especially for the crew. While the passengers do have the facility of comfortable beds in the economy class, the crew needs their rest too. Wondering how do they do it? Well, pilots and crew have their secret bedrooms to rest after their shift on these long flights. These are secret compartments which you never get to see. There goes a staircase to these sleeping areas which can accommodate about 7-8 people at a time. The pilot's resting area is above the first class just behind the cockpit. The World’s Longest Non-Stop Flight Will Be 20-Hour Long Journey From Sydney to London and Will Also Have Gym Inside! 

These rooms are cramped up but have flat beds to lie on. These sleeping berths are wide and there are special thick curtains which can reduce the noise of the plane. The pilot's quarters also have a sink and bathroom in some of the planes. The one on American Airlines 777 is much spacious and also has a TV inside. So it is no less than the economy class like facilities for pilots of this plane. Air India Cabin Crew Posts Videos Dancing in Uniform on Bollywood Songs Inside Aircraft, Airline Orders to Take Down Videos from Social Media. 

Watch Video of the Inflight Secret Bedrooms Where Pilots and Crew Sleeps on Long Flights

Each crew member also has a personal storage space. These bunks have reading lights and mirrors, provided with blankets and pillows. Stacked on one over another, the size of these beds differ for each airliner. On some planes, it is so low that people will have to duck to reach there. It is not even possible to stand up. One of the crew members was quoted to Daily Mail, "They are very small and very cramped and yes can be very claustrophobic. It’s not nice being in the tiny, confined space during severe turbulence, it can get very unnerving." So if you have been wondering how the crew manages to look all fresh despite such long flights, you know the secret space.