Vega-Genesis is widely known for dropping singles that encompass various flows, quick-witted rhyme schemes, and complex punchlines. Moreover, fans tune in on multiple occasions because he exemplifies the qualities of a living legend. That being said, he's upping his notoriety by releasing a song soon that’ll feature Maile Flanagan, the English voice actor for Naruto Uzumaki.

Which, I might add, is the best.

Vega-Genesis continues “I announced on my Facebook not too long ago, the intro track to my album Crystal Feel, dropping this year, will be titled ‘Believe That (Ft. Naruto Uzumaki).’

I reached out to Maile Flanagan as a long-time anime fan. I  asked her if she would provide me with a voice line for the song. She sent me a video back saying, ‘Talk to these kids, Vega. You gotta make em’ BELIEVE IT’ using Naruto’s popular catchphrase from an earlier episode.”

This factor alone will surely put Vega-Genesis on the map. No rapper (to my knowledge) has an anime voice actor to hop on a record.

There are no details on when the album or song will drop, but keep an ear out for Vega-Genesis ‘s music game-changer.