The 20th century is characterized by technological advancement and modernity. The rampant changes in the dynamics of the world brought the increasing demand to adapt to its changes, and along with this is the understandably intensifying competition in the field. Being successful in the business world requires strategy and wit to be able to thrive amid the competition. As a result, while some walk the path towards success, many others, unfortunately, do not enjoy the same outcome.

Jamilla Phillip is a New York-based entrepreneur offering online courses for interested entrepreneurs who want to turn their ideas into successful businesses. Through mini MBA courses for new entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners learn how to start a business from scratch and develop fundamental business development techniques. Students are provided with resource links, curriculum guides, and portable activity sheets, which all contribute to optimal long-term success.

Through effective business programs, the Jamilla Phillip steers entrepreneurs in the right direction and helps them avoid the trial-and-error process of venturing into the business world. The Build Your Own Brand Academy is the leading academy for entrepreneurs. As the Founder and CEO, Jamilla Phillip educates her students into becoming the leading business owners of the new generation. From aspiring entrepreneurs, current business owners, and even legends who once peaked in the industry but unfortunately have gone through a decline, Jamilla Phillip caters to all types of clients and provides mentorship and coaching to those suitable for any level.

A business that has gone through the rocky motions of entrepreneurship, Jamilla Phillip continues to share the wisdom from her experiences, "It is important to strive for growth in your business and avoid the process of stagnation." Having a mindset that leads to the continuous quest for growth is a fundamental aspect of entrepreneurial success. Jamilla Phillip instills and helps her students develop that way of thinking.

Surviving the competition requires establishing a brand in a highly-competitive field and avoiding the process of stagnation. Striving for growth entails moving forward, and moving forward entails being a step ahead of the others. Through the online courses offered in the academy, entrepreneurs develop the essential skills and qualities in establishing a brand that highly captures the attention of the market. Even old business owners who are experiencing a decline in their business are exposed to opportunities for growth. With this, students avoid finding themselves and their businesses behind the competition.

Jamilla Phillip realistically forms the legends of the future generations in the field of entrepreneurship by setting realistic goals in bringing the academic to the next level. By adding realistic deadlines to each goal and working hard to achieve them in the predetermined timelines, goals turn into reality, and aspiring entrepreneurs become real and successful ones.

Students are also exposed to online classes where mentors talk about building a business from the ground up and the essential steps to establishing a lucrative enterprise. As many still struggle with launching their business ideas, Jamilla Phillip hopes to reach as many people as possible and lead new and existing business owners to the success they have been striving for.

Establishing a business may be challenging, but Jamilla Phillip is more than willing to extend her expertise to help through her online courses.