57 Women Jump From Planes Setting Skydiving World Record in Ukraine (Watch Video)
Skydiving World Record

Fifty-seven women have set a world record for synchronized skydiving in Ukraine. Women from Kharkiv skydiving club jumped from three aeroplanes to create the record. The women changed formation three times during the 90 seconds of free fall. The previous record was set by 56 women in the Netherlands. Women from 19 countries participated in creating the record. The skydiving was part of an annual 'Women on Wings' project in Ukraine on Thursday.

Team captain Kate Cooper-Jensen was quoted as saying, "The first two groups for the exact event. We took the less one: one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two. Group one here, group two here. Then we had coaches in each group. I was one, my colleagues in the other. We made jumps, we watched the video, and we stayed up in two in the morning looking at it to choose the 57 for the first world record."

Watch the video here:

They were split into three planes and jumped out at a precise time. During 90 seconds of free falling, the divers changed formation making it an incredible sight to watch. The video has generated positive reactions on social media with people praising the women for creating the record.