After TikTok Video Leads to Suspension of Gujarat Lady Cop, Probing Officer Says Civilian Clothes in Police Station Got Her in Trouble And Not Dance
Videograbs from the TikTok videos of IPS officer Manjita Vanzara and suspended Constable Alpita Chaudhary (Photo Credits: Manjita Vanzara, Alpita Chaudhary)

A lady cop in Gujarat, Alpita Chaudhary was suspended after she posted a TikTok video of herself dancing inside the police station while on duty earlier this week. The video was quick to viral on social media following which the 24-year-old police officer was suspended. In one of Alpita videos, she can be seen dancing to a Bollywood song inside Langhnaj police station with lockup in the background. However, as per recent developments, officer probing her case Manjita Vanzara is also on TikTok and often posts videos on the platform. On Friday, clips of Manjita dancing surfaced online and was shared widely on different social media platforms. Gujarat Lady Cop Makes TikTok Video Inside Police Station, Seen Dancing Near Lockup, Suspended; Watch Video.

30-year-old Vanzara who is former IPS officer D G Vanzara's niece, said the Alpita who is a Lok Rakshak Dal constable was suspended not because of the dancing video but because she was "not wearing uniform during duty hours". She said that wearing civilian clothes inside police station caused her the trouble. She also defended her own TikTok videos saying that she has every right to be on social media, as a "young police officer". TikTok Controversy in Telangana: Video Of State Home Minister Mohammad Mahmood Ali's Grandson Sitting Atop Police Van Sparks Row.

Here is Alpita Chaudhary's TikTok Video Which Got Her Suspended:

Indian Express quoted Ahmedabad Police Commissioner A K Singh said as saying, "We are looking at the individual cases. We will scrutinise whether they pass the litmus test of conduct and discipline rules." Meanwhile, police chiefs of both Ahmedabad and Vadodara said that police personnel in uniform should not be involved in any activity that will damage the image or reputation of the police force. Commissioner of Police, Vadodara city, Anupamsinh Gahlaut said, "Shooting a video on a song while dressed in uniform doesn’t give a proper impression (of the force)."

Here is One of Manjita Vanzara's TikTok Videos:

Talking about Alpita, Manjita said, "She (Alpita) was doing an eight-hour shift. Suppose she is on duty for eight hours, she is not allowed excess use of mobile but only when necessary. Suppose she is on bandobast duty, she cannot get distracted. She has been suspended for this reason, not for using TikTok." Viral TikTok Video of Man Doing Stunt on ‘Delhi Police’ Vehicle Is Making Internet Furious!

Alpita told a local news channel, "I had 10,000 followers but after this episode, I have 16,700 followers, half of whom support me. The other half (of followers) make fun of me." She also said that she has been on TikTok for six months and her interests include singing and dancing other than storytelling and making motivational videos.