Ride-sharing services such as Uber has gained popularity in almost all the countries and its cities. However, not all places especially small towns and villages have yet experienced its convenience. So, to make it little easy and add a bit of local charm, a resident from Amish community in south-central Michigan, launched “Amish Uber.” Rider and founder Timothy Hochstedler cheerfully offers transport people in a horse and buggy for a $5 (approximately, Rs. 364) per ride. His cool uber-like business venture is going viral after he appeared on the local news video.

This fresh taxi service in Colon has four wheels, four legs and good gas mileage. Yes, it does not reflect the accurate Uber transport, which we, in general, are familiar with; the ridesharing service that involves a driver, car and a smartphone application. But as Amish is popular to shun most elements from mainstream society from their close-knit community, Hochstedler’s service has to be different.

Amish Uber service in Michigan! 

No, Hochstedler is not affiliated with the company but is providing great chilled experience to its transporters. Amish Uber creator was quoted in a WWMT journal as saying, “Uber is a cool thing, every single year something new comes in and Uber is hot right now, so we have the Amish Uber. We can deliver people to their front door steps.” Hochstedler further added that his horse, Morgan is a “people’s horse” who loves to give a kiss!

In the modern world, we book an uber through a smartphone app, but how to enjoy a ride in Amish Uber? Well, it is a bit trickier because Hochstedler understandably does not use a cell phone. Where passengers spot him, they flag him down to experience beautiful scenes in Colon without the distraction of driving a car.

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