As 102-Year-Old Man Kaur Wins World Masters Athletics Championships, Look At Other Oldest Indian Marathon Runners
Oldest Indian Marathon runners (Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons)

While millennials crib about getting tired too quickly, some members of the older generation are proving the phrase 'age is just a number' right. One would imagine a person above 50 years to be relaxing and not keen into exercise but India has quite a few senior citizens who would put a lot of us to shame for giving reasons about ignoring our health or not working out. Recently 102-year-old Man Kaur has won a gold medal at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Malaga, Spain. But here's what we need to know, she is not the only one. There are other senior citizens who have made the country proud. In fact, the world's oldest marathon runner is also held by an Indian. Marathon Training: 5 Benefits of Running That You Should Know About. 

Look at the Oldest Indian Marathon Runners:

1 Fauja Singh: Fauja Singh holds the record for the oldest marathon runner in the world. He is 107-year-old who has numerous records against his names. At the age of 93, he broke a record at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon for a marathon runner in the 90 and above age range. His personal record from London Marathon (2003) stands at 6 hours 2 minutes. He has also featured in several ad campaigns including Adidas. When he was 100-years-old he accomplished almost 8 world group records in one day! Diet and Nutrition for Marathon Runners: Expert Says These Nutrients That Are Absolutely Important for Marathoners. 

2 Man Kaur: 102-year-old Man Kaur from Patiala has everyone cheering for her on social media, as she once again won a gold medal at World Masters Athletics Championships held in Spain. She won the 200 metre race in the age group of 100-104. Kaur has a gold medal to her name from the American Masters Games in the year 2016. Every win is important for her and she has an encouraging son, who is about 80-years old. She too began late, at the age of 93 but there is no stopping her.

Check Man Kaur completing the 100m race:

3 Dagadu Bhamre: A resident from Malegaon in Maharashtra, Dagadu Bhamre was the oldest runner in the senior citizens’ category of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017. He was 104 when he started and participated in this year as well. He started last year and believes that it was just the start of his long run. He may be above 100 but he says he feels he is just in his 90s.

One possible reason behind this incredible energy and active lifestyle would be the absence of social media and technology during their times. While today, millennials are spending hours Instagramming their food, these runners have younger and stronger hearts than today's most of the younger generation. They surely are a true inspiration.