Baby Shower Cake With a Doll Portraying Unborn Child Disgusts The Internet (See Pic)
Foetus floats inside womb on baby shower cake (Photo Credits: that's it, I'm cake shaming Facebook)

You get cakes in all shapes and sizes today. Depending on the occasion, bakeries deliver your requirements at your doorstep. From naughty cakes for bachelorettes to beautiful wedding cakes, every cake can be customised for the occasion. However, a photo of a customised cake from a baby shower has gone viral on social media and internet users are disgusted. And people have taken to the internet about how terrible the cake looks. Georgia Mother Orders Disney-Themed Cake For Daughter Who Likes 'Moana', Bakery Mishears it For Marijuana (See Pic)

A woman shared the picture of a cake on social media saying that it is in the shape of a pregnant woman's toro. She is wearing a yellow dress and a pearl necklace and what follows doesn't look one bit appealing for a cake anyway. The cake is made paying special attention to the elements of the dress and the flowers on it. But the transparent womb of the woman will leave you terribly disgusted and the internet has decided to call it a monstrosity. Husband Gets an Amazon Shopping Box Shaped Cake For His Shopoholic Wife, Pics Go Viral

The foetus floats inside womb on baby shower cake (Photo Credits: that's it, I'm cake shaming Facebook)

A comment on the tweet reads, "I have no words for this monstrosity." Another user wrote, "Well. if I didn't want kids before. I definitely don't want them now." The bakers had put a doll inside gelatin mimicking an unborn baby in the woman womb. And it's the belly that has freaked out people. As the picture went viral, expecting moms took to the internet telling their friends and family to not get such cakes for their bridal showers. What do you think about this cake? Do let us know in the comments section below.