After the video of George Floyd being killed went viral on social media platforms, it stirred up protests across the United States. People raised voices against atrocities and racists attacks on the internet using the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter or #BLB. In America, people took to the streets with placards reading Black Lives Matter. And among the protesters were Spider-Man and Batman. Yes, you read it right! We kid you not, people pulled up at the protest dressed as fictional characters garnering a lot of eyeballs. While Batman being his usual self walked amidst people with smoke around it in Philadephia, Spider-Man did a little dance. Twitter Supports Black Lives Matter! Changes Bio to #BlackLivesMatter and Logo to Black After George Floyd’s Death That Erupted Protests Across US.

The videos of the men with superpowers have gone viral on social media platforms with netizens urging them to save America from the ongoing crisis. As the Batman approaches, people can be seen making way for him. Some even walked around him to click pictures. However, SpiderMan entertained the audience with his dance. Another video shows his waving flag standing on top of a pole. The video of the Spide-Man was shared on Twitter with the caption, "Spider-Man finally pulled up at the protest." While the other one was shared by saying, "Batman really pulled up to the protest to save the day." Rest in Peace George Floyd' Trends on Twitter, Netizens Offer Condolences With #BlackLivesMatter Message Amid Raging Protests Over His Death Across US.

The Arrival of Batman:

The Entertaining Spider-Man:

More Spider-Man Dance:

Widescale protests erupted in the US after Floyd, a 46-year-old Houston resident was pinned to the ground by a Minneapolis police officer Kellie Chauvin and in the process died. After a video of the incident went viral, netizens erupted in protest. Soon #BlackLivesMatter was among top trends on Twitter. The incident also garnered the support of Hollywood celebrities who demanded an end such brutality based on races.

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