Boycott TV9, TV5 & ABN, Says Pawan Kalyan: Telugu Star Blames TV News Channels for Abusing Women & Making Business Out of Nudity
Pawan Kalyan and Sri Reddy (Photo Credits: FB)

After hours long meeting with the MAA (Movie Artistes Association), Telugu superstar Pawan Kalyan has finally broken his silence on entire Sri Reddy’s scandalous stand against sexual harassment. The actor and politician who held a meeting at the TFCC (Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce) took to Twitter and made a powerful appeal against banning three television news channels, TV9, TV5 and ABN for dishonouring him and his 70-year-old mother. He has blamed the TV channels of abusing women and making business out of nudity and running profane content for TRPs. Pawan Kalyan also had a kind word of advice for Sri Reddy, who he addressed her as ‘helpless sister’.

Pawan Kalyan in the latest tweet writes, “Boycott TV9, TV5, ABN  for abusing our Mothers,Daughters & Sisters and also we have to boycott them for making business out of nudity & profanity. Making business out of a helpless sister ..[sic]. In another tweet, the furious star writes, “I appeal to all jansainiks  to be quiet and don’t indulge in any violent acts..From tomorrow onwards SriniRaju is going to put a defamation case on me but you please restrain yourself. And I am also going for a long and  powerful legal battle on these channel heads.”

For those who are unaware about the ongoing Pawan Kalyan-Sri Reddy case that has caused an uproar in the Telugu cinema industry, let us give you a small brief. Television presenter turned actress Sri Reddy on April 7 had staged a topless protest to fight against sexual harassment and assault within South film industry. The lady had stripped off only to cover her breasts with hands to salvage her modesty.

Sri Reddy made accusations against who’s who of Telugu film fraternity including serious charges of sexual exploit against Abhiram, Rana Daggubati’s brother. She leaked sex chats with him and also claimed him of forcing himself upon her, which left her in immense pain. While Pawan Kalyan was not one of preparators of Sri Reddy’s but he got embroiled in the scenario after his advice to the lady of taking a legal and lawful route than indulging in naming and shaming angered her. She accused Pawan of offering her fake support and started an abusive rant against the South superstar.

In a leaked phone conversation Sri Reddy was heard abusing Pawan Kalyan to a fellow actor Tamanna Simhadri, in which she says, “(Filmmaker Ram Gopal) Varma offered me 5 crore, but I did not accept it. He is the one who told me to call Pawan Kalyan ‘mad****od’. Because I used that expletive, the whole movement has gotten diluted and all the junior artistes have turned against me.” Ram Gopal Varma later confessed that he was the mastermind behind instigating Sri Reddy to call PK ‘mad****od’! Not just that Sri also showed Pawan a middle finger during a TV interview.

Sri who has been hopping from one TV studio to another to give interviews after interviews had crossed lines in abusing Pawan Kalyan and his mother. What angered Pawan further was the way TV channels kept playing the abusive rant in a loop. An emotion actor had written, "Before becoming an actor or a political party leader I am a son first...As a son.. If I could not safeguard the honour of my mother I better die than live (sic)," before pointing fingers at Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu of dragging his name in the murky tale. While Sri Reddy has now apologised to Pawan but the man is no mood to spare anyone who abused his mother.