We keep on reading about dogs being the best companions. Dog lovers too would agree with the statement very well. Not only are they guardians against the thieves but there is a research about them being too aware even of paranormal existence. In fact, not just dogs but in general pets are said to have an idea about paranormal activities. But it is the dogs who are said to have a sixth sense.

Like any theory, there are counter theories to it. So there are people who say its just that dogs have a better sense of smell and sound and that really doesn’t count as the sixth sense. Although the reaction given by them differs. Pet psychologist Marti Miller was quoted to Animal Planet, “Dogs don't judge what is going on in the environment. While our own minds start to analyze what is happening, dogs don't do that. They feel the barometric pressure change, and may react by shaking, panting, salivating and feeling anxious, or they may not react at all." Let us see what can dogs sense which us humans cannot.

  1. Dogs hear things which humans can’t: Dogs are more sensitive to sound than humans. They can listen to sounds four times away than we humans can. Not just that, they can also distinguish well between different kinds of sounds and can pinpoint the location from where it is coming, much more efficiently than humans. So while a report in Paw Culture, dogs are more likely to hear some footprint of a ghost or parallel universe.
  2. Dogs can detect human diseases: Dogs because of their heightened sense of smell can detect some cancer presence in humans. There are some dogs who are specially trained to be alert to people prone to seizures. Dogs are alert to body smells and dilated pupils, so they can be warned of a seizure attack. There are reports about dogs seeming to ‘smell’ cancer, low insulin levels, bombs, drugs, truffles, something which we humans are not really aware of immediately.
  3. Dogs can see things which we may not: A dog’s sense of sight is much sharper, so they are likely to notice an existence of paranormal. Brandy Stark, a paranormal investigation group in St. Petersburg had seen how two pugs kept staring at a spot in the wall. It was later found out that the original owner of the property had his office at that very spot!
  4. Dogs can sometimes sense natural disasters: Because dogs are more aware of their senses, they can also sense the oncoming of a disaster. A dog can exhibit behavioral change, either be distressed or refuse to go out. Experts believed that dogs had sensed the oncoming of tsunamis in the Indian Ocean in 2004. Dogs also tend to get protective with their owners before the impending disasters. Some eyewitnesses have agreed to the fact that dogs can sense the disasters. Although it still remains inconclusive.
  5. Dogs can feel some presence which we may not: Sometimes dog have a strange behavior. They can act strange about certain things at times. This could be because they sense an energy which humans usually cannot.

Dogs usually do have a sixth sense. Dog owners would’ve experienced how dogs usually sense the emotions if someone is sad and they do go and cheer them up. So be it natural disasters or paranormal activities, dogs definitely have a sense which humans somewhere lack.

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