Cannibal Lover Looking for 'Poetry Inspiration' Kills Girlfriend, 'Roasts' Her Brain & Drinks Blood
Cannibal killer eats girlfriends brain and drinks blood. (Photo Credits:

Dmitry Luchin, 21, brutally kills Olga Budunova, his 45-year-old lover and eats her brain and drinks blood for some 'poetry inspiration'. Cannibal killer Dmitry smashed a wine bottle over Olga's head 25 times before dismembering her body with a meat cleaver, as reported by Metro. He then 'roasted' her brain and ate it while drinking her blood. He carried out the murder in the victim's flat where they were planning to have drinks together to mark International Women's Day.

Dmitry had carefully planned the cannibalistic murder and he became obsessed with cannibalism after reading about Milwaukee Cannibal Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer who raped, murdered and dismembered 17 boys and men between 1978 and 1991. Speaking to the police about the murder, he said, "I liked the taste of her brain. i decided to give it another try. Then I drained some of her blood into a glass." He also admitted to the police that he got sexual pleasure from the attack.

After killing her he used blood from her cracked skull to daub a sign of the devil on a door, said Alexandra Dedova, 21, who witnessed the crime scene. She said, "He wanted to summon the devil. He waited for five minutes but the devil did not appear..." The witness also added that he put a wine bottle into her vagina and then pleasured himself. Prosecutor Olga Bondarenko said, "He cut out her stomach and chopped off her ears. Once he put into her mouth, the other into the cat's bowl."

Luchin had appealed for the trial to be held behind the closed doors but the judge refused. The court heard that Luchin was sane and fit to stand for the cannibalistic murder. He was found to have 'the intelligence of a philosopher' and told the he carried out the killing to 'get inspiration to write poetry'. He also subscribed to an online site called 'World of maniacs and serial killers', say prosecutors. Luchin faces a life sentence if convicted of murder and the desecration of the dead.