Chinese Man Swallowed Spoon a Year Ago! Doctors Finally Retrieve It From His Food Pipe; View Pics
Chinese Man Swallowed Spoon a Year Ago (Photo Credits: Xinjiang Meikuang General Hospital)

Every time we suffer from a certain pain in any parts of the body, we tend to take it lightly unless it turns into something severe. Apart from the diseases, the initial symptoms have often led to suspicion of alien devices inside the human body. And there have been many instances. At the recent, a man in China visited the doctors complaining about chest pain. But both the patient and the doctor were shocked to discover an entire metal spoon stuck in his food pipe. According to the hospital in Urumqi, Xinjiang, the 26-year-old man swallowed the spoon a year ago. Boy’s Whistling Cough! Not a Disease, but a Toy Whistle Lodged in His Throat: Watch Video. 

The man identified as Mr Zhang at the early stage complained of abdominal pain and uneasiness while breathing. As per the statement released by the hospital, the 26-year-old wanted to surprise his companions by showcasing a trick.

Image of the spoon he swallowed a year ago. 

Spoon that he swallowed a year ago (Photo Credits: Xinjiang Meikuang General Hospital)

He had to swallow a tablespoon and pull it back over the rope. But instead the rope broke, and the cutlery stainless steel was left inside. It promptly got stuck in the narrow tube connecting to his mouth and stomach. A year passed, but the irritation was not severe enough to prompt the man to seek medical attention.

Image of the patient with his doctor. 

Man with his doctor (Photo Credits: Xinjiang Meikuang General Hospital)

Just last week, he began to experience chest pains and having difficulty in breathing. Through an X-ray, the spoon was discovered. On October 22, three doctors performed the procedure to remove the spoon. It was measured about 8 inches long. Hours later, the operation was successful. Mr Zhang is recovering well. It is not the first instance. In August, a boy in India had a cough that squeaked.

Doctors cured him after removing a toy whistle which was lodged in his throat. In 2015, Daily Mail reported a woman while eating her noodles ‘too quickly’ swallowed a six-inch metal spoon. In both the cases, the implements were successfully removed.