Christmas 2019: Goa Traffic Police Turn Santa Claus to Educate Traffic Violators
Representational Image | Traffic Police (Photo Credits: PTI)

Panaji, December 24: Celebrating the Christmas spirit, the Goa traffic police on Tuesday adopted an unique way to educate traffic violators in the capital city. Dressed as Santa Claus, traffic police constables distributed chocolates and educated motorists and two-wheeler riders about traffic safety regulations.

"We intercepted violators and educated them about their safety. We used the occasion to spread the message in our own special way," inspector Brandon D'Souza of Panaji traffic police said. While several two-wheeler riders were found wearing helmets without the mandatory ISI mark or without strapping them on properly, motorists were found driving without putting on their seat belts, he added. Bengaluru Traffic Police Deploys Life-Size Mannequins Dressed as Cops to Curb Violations (View Pics).

"We are thankful to the traffic police for educating riders and motorists in this unique manner. This is the right way to convey the message," one of the riders Sandra Alvares said. When people are busy ushering in the festivities, traffic policemen are busy doing their duty to save lives, she added.