Do you know Chucky? If not, then we assume you are not into horror movies. Well, for first timers, Chucky is a creepy doll that debuted in Child's Play in 1988. This blue-eyed doll wearing red clothes and striped sweater and red hair is among the most notorious serial killer dolls! And in his fandom, Chucky, the Notorious Killer Doll Day, a fun observance is marked annually on October 25. While those of you have seen the movies would know that Charles Lee "Chucky" Ray is terrifying, but did you know the character is inspired from a real supernatural doll? On Chucky, the Notorious Killer Doll Day 2020, we bring you the real horror story that inspired Chucky's character and plot. And it is ust as creepy as the real story of Annabelle doll!

Real Horror Story Behind Chucky, the Notorious Killer Doll Day

Chucky is based on a doll named Robert owned by a Robert Eugene Otto, a painter in Florida. Eugene was given Robert as a gift in 1906 by a servant in the family. This woman was long abused and thus performed the art of voodoo to seek revenge. She had handed over the same doll.

The original doll Robert had a American naval officer costume and holds a small animal in his hand. Eugene was so attracted by the doll, he gave him his own name. He would carry it everywhere and the family found it rather sweet. Soon strange things started happening in the house, and Eugene blamed it on Robert. The furniture was knocked, the toys were ripped and Eugene would be terrified. Unfamiliar and strange sounds were heard from the house, like someone is walking or running at home. What is the Annabelle Doll? Who Found Her and Where is She Now? All FAQs About The Demonic Doll of 'The Conjuring' Fame Answered.

Eugene used to scream terrified at night and when his parents rushed to his room, he used to say, "Robert did it!" As per some claims of the neighbours, they would see a boy inside the house when no one else was home. The boy looked exactly like the doll and would stare outside. Creepy!

One day Robert's aunt suggested that doll should be locked up in the attic and the same night she died! The family then got back the doll in Eugene's room. Eventually, the house was inherited by different owners by Robert's terrifying behaviour continued. He mutilated toys in the bedroom and even tried to attack one of the family members.

Although it is not certain whether Chucky is entirely based on Robert's story, fans think there is a connection.

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