Delhi Air Pollution: ‘Let’s Unite Against Pollution’ Trends on Twitter As Delhiites Struggle to Battle Poor Air Quality (Check Pics and Videos)
Delhi Air Pollution (Photo Credits: ANI/ Twitter)

Since the past few days, Delhiites are waking up to the blanket of smog as pollution is at the national capital is at its risk. In a bid to curb the air pollution, the odd-even road space rationing scheme has made a comeback in the city, effective from today, November 4, 2019. Only even-numbered non-transport vehicles were allowed on the roads of the national capital on the first day of the exercise. Meanwhile, a public health emergency has been declared in Delhi as the air quality index breached the 999-mark and pollution reached dangerous levels. Citizens are worried as they express their concern on social media platforms. With the onset of the odd-even scheme, Twitterati urges each other to battle the poor air quality unanimously. Since morning, ‘Let’s Unite Against Pollution,’ was one of the top trends on Twitter among ‘Delhi Pollution’ and ‘Odd-Even Policy’ accompanying with hashtags. Several pictures and videos show the horrific condition that the people in Delhi are experiencing with each passing day.  'What Will Odd-Even Achieve?' Supreme Court Pulls Up AAP Govt on Merits of Car-Rationing Scheme.

Air pollution in Delhi has always been a significant concern among citizens. Every year, especially after the Diwali celebration, the national capital appears in the headlines for witnessing the worst situation. This year, the situation is more terrifying. Over the weekend, images of women devotees offering prayers during Chhath Puja at the bank of Yamuna River went viral. They were seen standing in knee-deep toxic foam to offer prayers. The pics have disheartened the netizens even more. Amid the hazardous situation, the people in Delhi have welcomed the government’s move to combat pollution as they unite together.

#LetsUniteAgainstAirPollution Trends on Twitter:

Right to Breathe!

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It is High Time!

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Pollution level in Delhi peaked to a three-year high on November 3, 2019. The Arvind Kejriwal government continues to take measures to tackle the severe air quality such as by sprinkling water on roads to settle the dust. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court said that the next hearing in the air pollution matter would be heard on November 6, 2019. We only hope the pollution level is monitored and controlled accordingly, so that normalcy returns to Delhiites’ lives.