Whatever you are doing, do not Google Rainbow kiss. That is what the netizens who have already Googled it are saying. So on Twitter, there are a lot of tweets, more like a warning to people to not search for Rainbow Kiss on Google. But we are sure, now that you're told not to do it, you will instinctively go ahead and do it. So what is a rainbow kiss? To tell you in short, it is an X-rated kissing or a sex practice, that's got to do with menstrual blood and semen together. If you are grossed out by it, you could stop scrolling. But if you are just more curious now, then go ahead, read, share or maybe not?

On social media, especially on Twitter, it does not take long for something to go viral or be in the buzz. But someone on TikTok asked people to Google Rainbow kiss. And they probably did it and are now tweeting, "Don't Google Rainbow Kiss." Netizens seem to have done the opposite and now many people are now tweeting out, "Don't Google Rainbow Kiss" as a warning. And by now, we are sure, you just want to head straight to the point, of what is it? ASMR Is the Hottest Sex Trend! Here's How You Can Incorporate Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response Tricks in Your Bedroom for Better Orgasm and Overall Sexual Experience.

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Don't Ever

Don't Know, Don't Google

Not a Surprise Though

Big Mistake

What is Rainbow Kiss?

A rainbow kiss is a kiss that involves menstrual blood and semen! In a couple, the male goes down on his menstruating partner and takes the blood in his mouth. The female then gives a blow job to the man and once he ejaculates, she takes the semen in hers. The couple then give a kiss to one another wherein the contents of their mouths mix together. It could be practiced during the 69 position or the respective partners alternate on oral sex on one another.

A lot of people are grossed out by this weird kissing technique. It would definitely involve holding on to the period blood and the semen in one's mouth for long. So what do you think? Willing to try it out or is it too gross for you as well? If its the later, then you know you shouldn't have googled it too.

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