Coronavirus Hoax Message: Employees to Get Paid Leave From March 5? Viral WhatsApp Forward About COVID-19 Is Fake!

Novel Coronavirus has gripped individuals across the world. Almost every day, new cases of COVID-19 are being identified ever since its outbreak last year in Wuhan, China. The death toll in China now stands at 2,953. As per the latest reports, the Coronavirus has already infected people in at least 60 countries. India on Monday (March 2, 2020) reported two more positive cases and one suspected case of COVID-19. As the Coronavirus scare spread across the country, a message was seen circulating on WhatsApp claiming employees to get two weeks paid leave, starting from March 5, 2020. It turns out it is a hoax and the WhatsApp forward about the COVID-19 is fake. Coronavirus Scare in Delhi-NCR: Two Noida Schools Shut Fearing Infection After COVID-19 Patient Hosts Birthday Party for Students. 

In the wake of a student’s parent who was tested positive with Novel Coronavirus, two schools in Noida, has been closed down until the authorities sanitise the space. After it made to the headline, panic gripped across the nation about the COVID-19 scare. At the same time, a message was being forwarded on the Facebook-owned app, WhatsApp. The message claimed that employees would get full paid leaves, from March 5, 2020. Coronavirus Fake News Reports: China Killing Infected Patients to Homeopathic Medicines, COVID-19 Epidemic Becomes Target of Several Hoax News. 

“All employees to have paid mandatory leave to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus starting from March 5, 2020. Offices will resume after 2 weeks of the mandatory closure,” reads the WhatsApp forward message along with the link on the bottom. The message is a hoax as it tries to mock the users. After you click to the link, an image of a gorilla appears, raising its middle finger. Video Claiming Chinese Police Killing Coronavirus-Infected Patients is Fake, Know The Truth About This Viral Clip. 

Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak was first reported, many fake videos and messages surfaced on social media and online messaging apps. Users are hence, advised to not believe in all kinds of rumours being spread on the internet as it only aims to create panic among individuals. As per the latest reports, two schools in Noida are reportedly shut amid the coronavirus scare. Offices or any workplace, including educational institutes, are going to continue as it is.

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Coronavirus Hoax Message: Employees to Get Paid Leave From March 5? Viral WhatsApp Forward About COVID-19 Is Fake!
Claim :

A viral WhatsApp forward claimed that employees will get full paid leaves, starting from March 5, 2020 in the wake of Novel Coronavirus scare across the world.

Conclusion :

The message is a hoax, as it tries to mock with an attached link which guides users to an image of a gorilla showing middle finger.

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