The US Capitol Hill turned into a civil war location as supporters of US President Donald Trump stormed the building on January 6, Wednesday. Four people died in these violent protests which are raging over Washington DC. The Trump supporters entered the Capitol building in a bid to overturn his election defeat. The protestors breached security and entered the premises and it turned into an absolute chaos. As shocking pictures and videos from the Capitol Hill are being shared online, some old ones with fake claims are also doing the rounds. A video of man dressed in Batman costume has been shared online with claims like Batman has arrived to save everyone from the chaos. However, it should be noted that it is not a recent video, but one from last year's Black Lives Matters protests. Amid Riot, Someone Sets Up Stall Outside US Capitol, Sells Chicken and Fries; Picture Goes Viral.

The US Capitol unrest situation has been one of the most trending topics on the internet today. Some have even linked it to The Simpsons predictions about January 20, Inauguration Day. Pictures, videos and news updates of all that's happening is shared online. Among them Twitter users are sharing video of 'Batman' reaching a chaotic place. A man dressed as Batman is seen arriving at a protest site. It does not look like Capitol Hill but people are giving it the Gotham City feels, as superhero arriving to save the situation. But it is fake news. It is an old video from Philadelphia during the Black Lives Matter protests.

Check Tweets About 'Batman Arriving at Capitol Hill':

Batman at Capitol Hill 

I Repeat

There are a lot of similar tweets claiming Batman arrived at the scene. But although some have pointed it out in the comments, it is an old video.

Check The Original Video Here:

So no, Batman did not arrive at the Capitol Hill protests in Washington DC. If you get the video online, do point out the exact location and let them know that it is an old clip. At a grave time like this, we need to spread assuring and factual news, instead of passing on clips and fake news online.

Fact check

Fact Check: Batman Arrives at US Capitol Hill During Unrest? Know Truth About The Viral Video From BLM Protests
Claim :

Batman arrived at the Capitol Hill Unrest in Washington.

Conclusion :

It is an old video from Black Lives Matter protests.

Full of Trash

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