Faroe Island Whale Killing: Sea Turns Red With Blood as Annual Whaling Kills 23 Pilot Whales, See Horrific Pictures
Whaling in Faroe Islands (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The annual tradition of whale hunting in Denmark’s Faroe Islands has once again shaken the animal activists across the world. This year’s legal whaling was caught on camera last week and the photos are extremely disturbing. Horrific pics of dead whales made international headlines, as the sea turned in red with blood. A total of 23 whales were killed in the bay of Hvalvik. As per reports, even an unborn calf was also slaughtered from the womb of its dead mother. Whaling Ships Set Sail as Japan Resumes Commercial Hunts. 

The annual whaling took place on July 30, 2019. Pictures of the incident which is going viral shows the sea turned into red in colour. The mammals were driven towards the shore by the fishing board before being killed in the water. This year marked the 10th whale hunt of its kind in the Faroe Island even after numerous calls and effort to put it for the end by animal activists and others. According to media reports, a total of 536 pilot whales have been killed in total during these years. After the hunt, dead bodies of the sea mammals were lined up on the beach. Pictures show people including young children looking at the dead animals and even clicking photos.

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The annual hunt is locally known as “grind.” Many pilot whales and some Atlantic white-sided dolphins are killed annually during summer. After several efforts to stop the tradition, the Faroese continues to kill the sea mammals, insisting that is sustainable and regulated by law.