Florida Student Nishal Sankat Attempts to Steal American Airlines Jet From Melbourne International Airport! Landed in Jail
Florida Student Nishal Sankat Attempts to Steal American Airlines Jet (Photo Credits: Orlando Melbourne International Airport/ Facebook/ Pixabay)

A serious scare occurred early Thursday at a central Florida airport when a 22-year-old student attempted to steal an aeroplane. It was 2:00 am on September 20 when the student pilot jumped a security fence at Orlando Melbourne International Airport. He reportedly boarded an American Airlines passenger jet that was undergoing maintenance. The young pilot’s effort has landed him in jail with criminal charges. However, Sanket’s motive behind such an act is still unknown, and the Florida police are investigating the matter. 'Super Snakes' in Florida Are a Result of Cross-Breeding With Indian Pythons, Says Study. 

Sanket is a part-time aviation management student at the Florida Institute of Technology, as reported by CBS. The Federal Aviation Administration (AAA) said that he had received a commercial pilot’s license in January, but he was not eligible to fly this type of plane. One of the airport spokespersons said, “There obviously seemed to be some planning involved. If he was a student pilot from the area, he would be familiar with the air field.” It was a maintenance worker who saw Sankat boarding in the aeroplane and asked him for his access badge, which he did not have. Florida Couple Pose & Smile With Police Officers After Their Arrest, Photos Go Viral. 

Melbourne Police Chief David Gillespie was quoted in the same report as saying, “The individual was confronted as soon as he was on the aircraft. The employee who was on the aircraft took appropriate action and escorted him off the aircraft.” He has been taken to Brevard County Jail and is charged with criminal attempt to steal an aeroplane, a visa violation and criminal trespassing. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Joint Terrorism Task Force are enquiring about the event.