Golden Globe Awards 2019: Meme-Thirsty Internet Gets Served Water by a Mysterious Girl at the Red Carpet
Fiji Water Girl (Photo Credits; Twitter)

The 76ht Golden Globe Awards concluded earlier in the day. An incredible list of winners was presented by the end of it. But there was one name missing from the list of winners. Well, at least the internet thinks so. We thought the most viral-worthy thing to happen at the Golden Globes red carpet was E referring to Jameela Jamil as Kamilah Al-Jamil from The Good Place. But there is another shining example of just how awesome the internet could be. The show stealer was a mysterious brunette that the internet has dubbed as Fiji Water girl at the moment.

The lady managed to photobomb quite a few A-lister celebs at the red carpet of Golden Globes 2019. The internet was amused upon seeing her, in a blue dress, standing behind celebrities, ready to dish out some water to them. She didn't just stand there in the background. But she made her omnipresence even funnier by staring right into the camera every time. The internet, which is always thirsty for memes, took the opportunity. Golden Globe Awards 2019: Bohemian Rhapsody, Green Book, A Star Is Born, Black Panther – 5 Surprise Winners and 5 Biggest Losers of This Year’s Ceremony.

Turns out this might have been a very elaborate viral campaign by the water-selling company. They even tweeted out, "We're so glad everyone is talking about our water! "*senses ominous presence* "She's right behind us, isn't she? #FIJIwatergirl"


The girl is an LA-based model, Kelleth Cuthbert. It goes without saying that she has become the star of the internet today. And as someone on the internet put it, the true winner at the Golden Globes 2019.