When it comes to road maps, Google Maps come in extremely handy. For proper direction, several people across the world depend on Google Maps. For urban areas locations, the applications show the locations accurately; however, for rural areas locations, the application cannot be trusted fully. Recently, a group of tourists from Germany and Uttarakhand were heading to Udaipur, Rajasthan but unfortunately they got stuck in the middle of nowhere while following Google Maps.

After being misled by Google Maps, the tourists got stuck in a village in Rajasthan. According to Cartoq report, the tourists were travelling in a Grand i10 and after they took a single lane that was not developed; their car got stuck in slush. The app showed them an alternative route that was faster when they were on Navania highway. And they ended in slush after choosing the alternative route. Reportedly, the road was perfect in the beginning but as they progressed it got worse.

The tyres of the car were unable to find traction and it was almost skidding as the road was so bad. Later, the car got stuck in a muddy area. Apparently, in the past, a huge tractor was also got stuck on that road. The tourists called their friends after the car was stuck. Their friends came to their rescue with ropes and a tractor. Google Maps Gone Wrong? 34-Year-Old Driver Allegedly Following Google Maps' Directions Drowns Fortuner into a Dam in Maharashtra's Akole, Dies.

To guide the tractor to the spot, the tourists had to travel a distance of two kilometres on foot. Around 1 PM, their car got stuck in the muddy area while it had been pulled out by 6 PM. To complete the whole car rescue, the tractor took almost around two hours.

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