Twitter Pays Tribute to ‘Questionable Pictures’ That Are Too Hilarious to Be Deleted From the Phone
Questionable Picture (Photo Credits: @SerenaMcCown/ Twitter)

Twitter has once found a hilarious way to keep its users captivated in the viral tangle. After so much funny and serious moments, enough to start your Tuesday, the social media site has come up with yet another light-hearted trend. Netizens are now sharing their images of themselves that are too hilarious to be deleted from the phone. The viral trend has been initiated to pay tributes to those “questionable pictures,” you might have stored in your phone memory. And it could not get any better. Woman Enjoying Pool Time Freaks Out When an Uninvited Baby Crocodile Joins Her in the Water (Watch Hilarious Video). 

So, Twitter user @im_your_density, discovered a picture that can raise too many questions for it being extremely funny. He soon invited Twitterati to join in and together give an ode to such hilarious pictures they have in their phones. He writes, “show me a picture you have of yourself on your phone thats really f**king stupid but you’ll never delete. here’s one of mine,” with a picture of himself hilariously trying to copy the pose of a woman in the poster. ‘Can’t Hook My Bra, Can’t Wink!’ Twitterati Confess About Simple Things They Struggle With in ‘Life Skill Blind Spots’ Thread. 

View His Questionable Pic: 

Here Joins Twitterati: 


Nobody is Judging

Nailed It!


Look at the Man Behind

Not all our pictures come out perfectly. To get one Instagram-worthy, we at least click like 10-12 pictures in the same pose. Again, we have some amusing versions, which let us accept are most of the time, our true-self. It could be hilarious, but holds too special memories to be deleted.