Clouds are so beautiful. They are something we are so familiar with and hardly pay attention. But when we do, we can well imagine and create various shapes outlining them. There are many who also love to spend hours watching them. In their different shapes and colours, they look, yes, beautiful. But have you ever wondered about giving them an artistic outline with a pen stroke? Illustrator and Twitter user Chris Judge did and the pictures are so cute. He drew inspiration from the clouds in the Dublin sky, Ireland and turned them into various animals. The pictures naturally went viral, inspiring Twitterati to draw their own version and upload the photos on the microblogging platform. Netizens Flood Twitter Timeline With Beautiful Pics Enjoying the Bliss of Nature as They Gear Up for the Warmest Season. 

Whenever you look up at the sky and pay a little attention, you can see the clouds defining or delivering some dramatic effect. There are many stunning pictures of clouds, taken by professional photographers, but hardly have we seen any illustrations that run on an individual’s mind while viewing the clouds. We can spend hours just looking at the sky and even imagine various shapes, and that is what the Illustrator Chris Judge did. He decided to pen down his imagination, giving the clouds an artistic outline. “Some Dublin clouds this evening,” he captioned the photos of the clouds turned into a bear, dog, a monkey—smoking and a happy human, it seems! #MeAt20 Trends on Twitter: People Share Throwback Pictures of Themselves When They Were 20. 

Here Are the Pics:

His beautiful illustrations also inspired many Twitter users who also drew their imagination, turning the clouds into so many different things. And they are brilliant in their own way!

Twitterati is Inspired!

How Cute!

Nice Attempt


The Statue of Liberty Torch


Aren’t they so beautiful and adorable at the same time? It is a time well spent, given the fact that we are spending a significant amount of time indoors. If you are bored or looking to engage in other activities, the above can be great. Take a picture of the cloud and outline your imagination—you are sure to turn the clouds into something fun.

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