Instagrammers Fall Sick After Taking Dip in Spain's Lake Monte Neme, As The Turquoise-Coloured Popular Tourist Spot is 'Toxic'!
Spain's 'Toxic' Lake Monte Neme Gains Popularity On Social Media (Photo Credits: izzyandtai Instagram)

A number of people who took a plunge in Monte Neme, a water body located in northwest Spain have fallen sick. The Instagram-famous location is known for its turquoise-coloured lake that looks like clean pristine water. However, it is actually a toxic dump which was once connected to a tungsten mine. The bright turquoise colour of the water is a result of chemical contamination. In fact, the region has even been nicknamed 'Galician Chernobyl' for the chemical content present there. Chernobyl Photo Shoots Are the In Thing According to Instagram Influencers After HBO Show's Popularity; Gets Mocked by Social Media Users.

The lake is the remains of a Second World War-era tungsten mine and the azure hue of the water is the result of chemical contamination. The colours are due to the heavy metals which leak into the car. And now some Instagrammers are rushing to the lake to get themselves clicked in front of the blue waters. Of which some of the social media influencers fell ill after taking a dip in the chemical-laden water. One of Instagrammers told Spanish news outlet Publico that coming out of the water, she vomited and had rashes which lasted for a fortnight.  Australian Instagram Model Accused of Swimming in 'Sacred' Natural Springs in New Zealand, Rubbishes Claim (See Pictures)

Instagrammers had similarly fallen prey to a turquoise lake in Siberia which is, toxic. While it looks clean and pristine Novosibirsk Maldives is a highly toxic artificial pond where ash from a nearby coal plant is dumped. The company had also deemed it unfit for swimming and that coming in contact with it can cause allergic skin reactions.

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According to the site, after visiting Monte Neme, more than one tourist has been hospitalised for "damage to the skin and digestive system".


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Toxic Beauty!


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People Continue To Visit the Place For Its 'Beauty'

Comment on the post of an influencer who took a plunge in Monte Neme reads, "Congratulations for bathing in a raft of highly toxic waste in a wolfram mine; without a doubt, Darwin would be proud of you." Brief exposure to the lake causes eye and skin irritation other than stomach problems like vomiting and diarrhoea if consumed.