Happy International Cat Day 2020! If you are a cat-lover you should definitely know about this day that celebrates the felines. Marked every year on August 8, it is a day observed to promote cat adoptions. Also called as World Cat Day, it was started in the year 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Over the years, it has been observed in different countries around the world. This day also raises awareness about cats and how one can protect the stray cats. As we mark this day honouring this feline species, we tell you some interesting fun facts about the kitties. International Cat Day 2020 Date And Significance: Know the History And Activities Related to The Day Celebrating Felines.

Fun Facts About Cats

  1. A house cat is genetically 95.6% tiger. They share a lot of similar behaviour with tigers like the scent, urine marking, prey stalking and pouncing.
  2. Between the year 2002 and 2012, the average lifespan of a cat is said to have increased by a year.
  3. A whisker of a cat is about the same width as its body.
  4. The mewing of a cat is not the innate cat language, it is developed by them to communicate with the humans. Cats only give the meow signal to communicate with their mother.
  5. The strongest sense in cats is their smell. It is said to be 10 times better than a human. They also identify the smell of their humans quite well.
  6. While a male cat is often referred to as Tom, a female cat is labelled as molly or a queen.
  7. A cat cannot directly see under its nose. And their nose is as unique as a human's fingerprint.
  8. Cats can drink seawater in order to survive. Well, that's interesting because humans cannot.
  9. The first known cat video was recorded in 1894. It was made at Thomas Edison's Black Maria Studio in West Orange, New Jersey. It's called, "The Boxing Cats."
  10. Cats spend 70% of their life asleep.
  11. A cat’s purr vibrates at a frequency of 25 to 150 hertz, which is the same frequency at which muscles and bones repair themselves.
  12. In Ancient Egypt, when a person’s house cat passed away, the owner would shave their eyebrows to show the grief at the loss.

These are just some of the interesting facts about the felines, there is definitely more to these kitties. If you are a cat lover or know someone who is, do share this piece of information with them. Have a Happy Cat Day 2020!

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