Japanese Man Claims He Dated a Cockroach, Fantasised About Having Sex and Ate Her After She Died, Watch Video!
Japanese man dated a cockroach (Photo Credits: YouTube grab and File Image)

In the age of modern age love, people's choices of life partners are going beyond imagination. It might sound redundant if we talk about love stories involving a man and a woman. Forget two humans, people's lovers are expanding to some non-living things to insects. A Japanese man named Yuta Shinohara was deeply in love with a cockroach! His lover's name was Lisa and his love-story would give you the creeps with its unpredictable end. When Lisa died, her lover ate her to keep his love as a part of his body. Shinohara put up a video explaining his love life in detail. Teen Girl Wants to Marry Her Zombie Doll, Claims They Have Normal Intimate Relationship.

Yuta Shinohara, a 25-year-old from Japan is an entomophagist, who eats insects. But his love for nature got too literal in his love life. He called it a unique relationship and said Lisa was his 'first love.' Lisa was a cockroach from Africa and he dated her for about a year. It was a blissful year of his platonic relationship with Lisa but he admits to having fantasised about having sex with the cockroach. Well, what? When Lisa was alive, he thought how it would be if Lisa was supersized or he could be in a form of a miniature. You can never really predict someone's fantasies, can you? He got so attracted to Lisa that he felt they were able to communicate after spending some time together. Woman is All Set to Marry Her Duvet! Watch Video of Her True Love Story and Wedding Invite.

Watch Video of Japanese Man Who Dated a Cockroach For a Year

Some of us would totally freak out at the sight of a cockroach, while some would make it a pet. This man definitely took it forward as a lover! And to keep his love forever, he ate it. But he otherwise too eats insects for his living. He in fact, is working on making insect cuisine popular in his country. Recently, an insect-vending machine that was installed in Japan proved to be a major hit.

Let the cuisine aside, we can't imagine the kind of relationship Yuta Shinohara and Lisa would have shared like lovers. He called their connection so unique and beautiful that he could not feel the same attraction towards any other girl yet. Does this unique relationship 'bug' you?