Kerala Tourism Claps Back With #AviyalBlues After Being Trolled by Malayalis for Unappetising Aviyal Pic
Aviyal (Photo Credits: Kerala Tourism)

The Kerala Tourism's Twitter handle landed in a 'vegetable' soup over a tweet on aviyal, a traditional dish prepared in the state. They shared the photo of a bowl of aviyal made of a mix of different vegetables including potato, drumstick, onion, carrot, beans among others but Twitterati didn't buy that.

The caption along with the picture read: 'Aviyal, a popular accompaniment served with boiled rice is nothing but a medley of native vegetables in a thick coating of coconut paste.' However, Malayalis pointed out that the vegetables looked uncooked and the dish did not resemble aviyal. Kerala Tourism Resumes After Devastating Floods, Looks Forward to Host Art Event Kochi-Muziris Biennale.

Here is Kerala Tourism's aviyal tweet:

Soon memes began with people trolling Kerala Tourism's social media handlers for poor representation of the state's popular food. Aviyal the band was also dragged into the picture with netizens terming it the better one.

And here is what followed:


Is that even aviyal?

More salad less aviyal!

Do we need tomatoes in aviyal?

As the backlash continued, Kerala Tourism took to Twitter again saying, "Now that’s a sticky aviyal situation! Coincidentally, the native expression for ‘messing up’ bears the same name as this wonderful dish. But keep your palate ready for tomorrow as we are not done here. Sweet dreams."

And as promised they came up with a compilation of different aviyal preparations in Kerala. The caption read, "The way you make it, the way your favourite restaurant serves it; we are inviting everyone to share their aviyal. If you haven't before, pick up an uruli; it's still not too late to give it a try. #AviyalBlues".

Kerala Tourism' comeback!

Aviyal is a commonly prepared dish in Malayali households and several vegetables go into it. A thick coconut paste, curd and a mix of roasted spices are added to it. However, the preparation and the ingredients change from region to region and according to one's preference. Aviyal is one of the main dishes in Sadhya served during Onam or any other occasion.