March 8 is being celebrated as International Women's Day globally. Since last night, everyone is sending and sharing their best wishes of Happy Women's Day online. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, positive messages, images, quotes and greetings are being shared for Happy International Women's Day 2020. Right from politicians to celebrities, everyone has given a message appreciating women and their contribution to society. Among the many wishes trending on social media, the Mumbai Police have given not one but two important messages on this day. Using a small video, showing a romantic proposal of a couple, they have given the message of using a helmet for pillion rider as well. They call it #HelmetForBoth. Happy Women's Day 2020 Wishes Trend on Twitter: Netizens Share Messages, Images and Quotes For International Women's Day.

The Mumbai Police official Twitter account has time and again won praises for effectively using the medium to spread awareness or give important messages. Using pop culture references, movie dialogues, memes or songlines, they have time and again creatively given a message to all followers. On International Women's Day 2020, they tried to give a message of using the helmet for a pillion rider. It is very common to see a man riding the bike wearing a helmet and the woman sitting as a pillion without a helmet. Using a romantic proposal scene between a couple, the Mumbai Police has shared a small video clip to give their message for International Women's Day. 'Honk More Wait More'! Mumbai Traffic Police Introduces The Punishing Signal to Teach Honking Drivers a Lesson (Watch Video)

Here's Mumbai Police's tweet on Women's Day 2020: 

They rightly put across the point for equal protection for both the man and the woman. They also posted a few pictures of women police appreciating their hard work on duty.

While on a larger social scale, women are still struggling to be treated as equals, the Mumbai Police has tapped on equal safety on road. With an important message of using helmets for both, the Mumbai Police effectively gives the message of International Women's Day.

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