Nithyananda Acts Like He's God In This New Viral Video; Twitter Users Want to See Him In A Marvel Film
A screenshot from the Nithyananda video (Image credit: YouTube)

The rape-accused self-proclaimed godman Nithyananda is back with a video and is taking that hilarity to the next level. He stands in the video like he is the protector of the Universe. He is somehow smiling in the entire video sometimes with his eyes open and sometimes with his eyes closed. At times, he makes an expression of inner satisfaction and on other times, there are some visual effects that are made to depict some smoke coming off his hand. Basically, the entire video revolves around the concept 'Nithyananda is god' (of course, after all that gyaan)! Swami Nithyananda Video Interview on His 'Inter-life Reincarnation Trust' Plan To Get Money From Billionaires Will Give You 'Thug Life' Feeling.

The video of the self-proclaimed godman has been going viral on the social media. Some people on Twitter are even comparing Nithyananda to Avengers Man Thanos. There are some who are calling him 'Love charger of south India' (get the reference there?). E = MC^2 NOT And Monkeys & Cows Can Talk to Humans? Viral Videos Show Nithyananda Sangha Defying Science And Albert Einstein Theory With Unbelievable 'Logic'.

Here's the video we are talking about

Nithyananda Sangha calls himself a source of achieving integrity between inner space to superconsciousness. In his videos, Nithyananda is seen dismissing science with some logic which may blow you away. In one of his viral videos, he completely dismisses Albert Einstein's special relativity equation and uses it to differentiate between vegetarians and non-vegetarians.