No Nut November: This Viral Internet Challenge Wants Men to Not Have Sex for 30 Days!
No Nut November (Photo Credits: File Photo)

November is an interesting month with a lot of internet challenges and awareness dedicated to men. Be it health or simply a fun challenge, the month often comes up with something interesting for men. As Movember, an annual event that aims at raising awareness on men's health issues is in progress, No Nut November is another challenge gaining momentum on social media.

And if you had been seeing 'No Nut November' tweets leaving you puzzled, then we have you covered. No Nut November is an annual event that encourages men to not have sex or masturbate for a month. Yes! you read that right. The rules of the challenge also do not allow men to watch porn and have boners.

According to the Urban dictionary, participants are allowed to have one wet dream, but if you by any way have more than that, then consider yourself out of it. If you managed to pass this 30-day challenge then qualify yourself for Destroy Dick December (which is highly unrecommended). On November 1, Burger King tweeted saying: 'him: it's only a month/waifu [slang for a female partner derived from anime and manga]: ...........[crying emoji]'. Yeah! Burger King just acknowledged the internet challenge.

Watch the video below:

While (obviously) nobody is going to keep a tab on what you behind closed doors, it is about being true to self. At the end of thirty days, you can share your experiences online. No Nut November debuted on the internet in 2017, however, did not catch a trend. But 2018 seems to be more kind to the trend with the hashtag #NoNutNovember going viral on social media.